Down Syndrome boy falls to his death from fifth floor of apartment block

on Monday, September 26, 2011 with 0 comments
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MARANG: A policewoman who saw a young child falling from a fifth floor apartment unit thought it was a bag being thrown out of a window.

When she got closer, Kpl Marina Jaafar, 37, said she was shocked to discover that it was a six-year-old boy. Ahmad Safuan Syafik Afendi, the son of another police officer, died in the fall at 7.45am yesterday.

He was said to have walked down to the fifth floor from his family's eighth floor unit before the incident.

The victim, a Down Syndrome patient, was the fourth child of Kpl Syafik Afendi Ahmad, 44.

Kpl Marina said she was sending her three-year-old son to a babysitter's home when she saw the boy falling.

“At first I thought someone had thrown out a bag from the window as the boy was not screaming when he fell,” she said.

“He was not breathing when I got to him,” she said.

The victim's mother, Roslina Mohd Yusof, 44, said her son was always hyperactive.

“He asked for some milk so I went to the kitchen to get it for him.

“When I came back to the living room, he was already gone,” the tearful mother said.

She was told about her son's tragedy about 15 minutes later.

Stunned by the news, Roslina sobbed as she clutched the glass of milk for about an hour.

Marang OCPD Deputy Supt Ahmad Mazlan Yahaya said the incident had been classified as sudden death.

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