B2ST’s Kikwang apologizes for misaddressing Seo Taiji

on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 with 0 comments
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On the October 18th edition of KBS‘s ‘Win Win‘, Shin Hae Chul was asked a question about Seo Taiji by B2ST‘s Lee Kikwang.
Kikwang asked, “Truthfully aside from anything else I want to know the current situation of that person: Seo-ssi.” It turns out that Seo Taiji is distant cousins with Shin Hae Chul. In response, Hae Chul replied, “I don’t know.”
However, netizens quickly pointed out that Kikwang addressed his great legendary sunbae Seo Taiji with “ssi”. In Korean culture, it’s highly disrespectful for a younger person to refer to a senior of higher rank like Seo Taiji as “Seo-ssi”, as standard protocol would be “Seo-sunbaenim” or “teacher Seo”.
Netizens angrily commented on the ‘Win Win’ webpage, “[Seo Taiji] is much older and has more work experience, he’s a great sunbae. Where did he learn such things calling him that?“, “When a young person adds the word ‘Shi’ to call an older person’s name, it’s simply unacceptable“, “Please look up when to properly use ‘Shi.”
In response to the angry fans, Lee Ki Kwang tweeted, “I want to sincerely apologize. I’m sorry.”

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