Baek Ji Young reveals her luxurious home

on Sunday, October 30, 2011 with 0 comments
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Singer Baek Ji Young who has been busy running her online shopping mall with former COOLmember and best friend Yuri, has built up a lot of fashion tips, know-how’s and how-to’s. She will reveal all of this knowledge in her newest style book ‘MAKING STYLE 365‘, which is slated to be published soon. Her biggest fashion project? Decorating her own luxurious home, which she opened up to the public for the very first time.
The walls of the singer’s home are painted in different hues of subtle ivory and beige, and the matching rug in the living room gives the place a warm touch. The bold splash of red in her curtains and dining table also give the home a luxurious but trendy feel.
Baek Ji Young also shared her large private walk in closet which was full of handbags in every color along with rows and rows of clothing, neatly organized by the singer herself.

I’m the type of person that holds on to things, and can’t easily throw things away. I have a lot of clothes I’ve never even worn… even clothes that are quite old, hold a lot of sentimental value. They hold memories, and I feel like if I get rid of these clothes, I’m throwing away the memories with them. I hold these clothes neat and dear to my heart, firmly believing that the fashion trends will repeat themselves,” she said as she expressed her love for clothing.

The singer will be revealing her know-hows to organizing closets, shoe racks, make-up stands, etc, as well as introduce all the areas of her home in her newest project, ‘Making Style 365′.
Source & Image : Blog, Newsen via Nate

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