SNSD’s Taeyeon is worried about her thinning hair

on Saturday, October 29, 2011 with 0 comments
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SNSD leader Taeyeon revealed some concerns that’s been on her mind lately, mainly her hair falling out as well as her double eye-lids that have become less noticeable as a result of a recent weight loss.
On a recent episode of a popular entertainment program on Mnet, Taeyeon filled out a questionnaire about herself on a life graph and turned it in to the staff members. She jotted down basic information such as her height and weight, as well as the things that concerns her the most these days in order to create a brain map.
Her concerns were revealed to be: promotions for SNSD’s new track, concerts, cleaning her room, obtaining her driver’s license, catching a cold, SNSD as a whole, her thinning hair, and her double-eyelids that are less noticeable because of her recent weight loss. The last two garnered much attention of the staff members and viewers alike. Taeyeon admitting concerns about her image revealed that she was an honest and genuine person who doesn’t try to hide the real person she is.
Additionally, some of the ladies of SNSD appeared on the October 27th episode of ‘Wide Entertainment News‘ that aired on Mnet at 5PM KST and also revealed their own brain maps.

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