Song Hye Gyo talks about hitting 30 and her “real” personality on Jung Yup’s radio

on Saturday, October 29, 2011 with 0 comments
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On October 26th, actress Song Hye Gyo guested on MBC’s radio program, ‘Jung Yup’s Blue Night’, where she shared her thoughts on the myths surrounding her image.
She tackled the idea of her ‘cute’ image first, saying, “If you get to know me, I don’t have a lot of cuteness and am pretty straightforward. My friends also call me stubborn.”
When asked about how she felt when others chose her as their ideal type, she replied, “I’m just thankful to them. But sometimes, they choose someone else, not too long after revealing that I’m their ideal type. That’s when I truthfully feel like they’ve kind of betrayed me”.
DJ Jung Yup also brought up the sensitive topic of Song Hye Gyo’s age. Chuckling, she responded,“Normally, I don’t really think about my age, but every time I do an interview these days, the reporter reminds me that I’m 30. I think 30 is a really good age for actors. Aging and gaining experience as an actor is good because we’ll be able to express things that much more, and I’m anticipating it to be more fun”.
After hearing the radio broadcast, listeners commented, “It’s been a while, so it was good to hear Song Hye Gyo’s sincere thoughts” and “It was time we learned more about Song Hye Gyo [as a person, not just] the actress.”
Source + Image: Today Korea

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