Who’s the girl in Lee Seung Gi’s new ‘Because We’re Friends’ MV?

on Saturday, October 29, 2011 with 0 comments
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Singer Lee Seung Gi is back with a new album, and after the release of his new MV, “Because We’re Friends“, many fans became curious to as who the girl in his music video could possibly be.
It was revealed that the female lead in his MV is none other than Jin Ah Reum, a model who is actively working in the fashion industry.
In the MV, Jin Ah Reum plays the role of Seung Gi’s friend, the girl he is madly in love with but must helplessly watch her be heartbroken over a different man. Her feminine physique and charming facial expressions have grabbed the attention of Lee Seung Gi fans everywhere.
The two looked very natural in the video, and could pass for a genuine real-life couple. Their believable acting sparked envy of netizens as they commented, “So jealous of that girl!”, “I want to be on the receiving end of Seung Gi’s love…jealous“, etc.
The lucky lady in the MV was also featured in GD&TOP‘s Baby Good Night” MV earlier this year, playing the role of TOP’s girlfriend. Starring in MVs with arguably two of the hottest names in Hallyu, Jin Ah Reum is gaining much attention, inevitably being envied and resented by fan girls everywhere.
The fierce Jin Ah Reum who is known for her sexy appeal has also endorsed LG washing machines with actress Go So Young, and became the focus of a hot discussion topic online, as netizens remarked that she could pass for Go So Young’s doppelganger. Jin Ah Reum debuted in 2008 withSeoul Collection, and currently endorses major fashion brands such as FENDI and Metrocity.
Source & Image: HanGookKyungJae via Nate

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