Angry Birds Calendar

on Monday, September 26, 2011 with 0 comments
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So our smartphones as well as your regular handset comes with a built-in calendar, but sometimes, there is a need for an old school calendar. Instead of getting those free calendars that they dish out at the end of the year at retail stores as well as other kinds of shops, why not make sure even your paper-and-cardboard calendar keeps up with the times by moving along to the Angry Birds phenomenon?
Yes sir, it seems as though Rovio is not going to stop until they have milked the Angry Birds franchise dry, down to the last feather. This is an officially licensed product from Rovio, and needless to say, it might either pique the interest of those who absolutely have no idea on what Angry Birds is all about, making them an addict for life, or cater to existing addicts whose sole purpose for each and every single day is to play Angry Birds – more and more of those furious avian friends being hurled at snorting green pigs.
Retailing for $12.99 a pop, there are even 4 months of 2012 thrown into the mix to add more value to your purchase. Either that or the Mayans were right – the world ends next year.

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