Cool gadgets from China

on Saturday, September 24, 2011 with 0 comments
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A lot of people are suspicious with the products that are made from China but the truth is that some of these products can be in a good quality should you know where to find them. They have a lot of cool gadgets around and some of these are worth looking as well.

3-Color LED Single Column Waterfall Faucet
Ever wish that the water in your faucet would turn blue, green or even red? How about a combination of all three colors? You can do that with the 3-Color LED Single Column Waterfall Faucet. It turns blue when the temperature is below 31°C and changes to green between 31°C and 43°C. Above that temperature, the water would turn red. However, at a price of $62.58 including shipping, it is a bit far from cheap.

Multi-functional Wireless Digital Clock with Spy Camera DVR

Ever wish that you can spy on someone that you are doubtful of? Or do you want to keep an eye on a place in your home? Then the Multi-functional Wireless Digital Clock with Spy Camera DVR gadget might be what you are looking for. It can record up to 12 hours’ worth of video or 25 hours of sound recording. At a price of $27.10, it isn’t that expensive to have especially for added security


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