2PM’s Chansung gets turned down by J.Y. Park and Suzy

on Monday, October 17, 2011 with 0 comments
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On the recent episode of ‘Dream Team Season 2‘, 2PM‘s Chansung was hilariously turned down by both J.Y. Park and miss A‘s Suzy.
Mighty Mouth‘s Sangchu made a phone call to J.Y. Park during the episode and received support from him. After he cheered on for Sangchu, he asked to keep it a secret from Chansung, causing everyone to laugh. Chansung tried to change the heart of J.Y. Park by saying the winner would receive a car.
J.Y. Park responded with, “Then the car should just be brought to our company. Sangchu, do you have any thoughts of joining our entertainment company?”
After getting rejected by his own company president, Chansung made a consolation call to miss A’s Suzy. However, Suzy stated, “I like 2PM alot, but I like Wooyoung oppa.”

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