What are the excuses celebrities make for plastic surgeries?

on Monday, October 17, 2011 with 0 comments
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These days celebrities constantly face plastic surgery accusations or assumptions. The ways of covering up or making excuses for surgeries have become just as varied as the accusations themselves.  While some celebrities choose to remain silent on the issues, many, more than ever before, honestly admit them. Excuses that sound especially nonsensical, create laughter.
An online news outlet gathered information and put together a list of the ‘excuses’ celebrities make to cover up plastic surgeries.  Here are the few common and also some of the more unique excuses stars have previously made.
■It’s not from an operation, but a common cold…
Actress Chae Jung An was caught in the center of controversy when photos from her attendance at a producer’s wedding surfaced on October 6th. When netizens made speculations based on her face looking very bloated, Chae Jung An’s company denied the claims.  Instead, they stated her bloating was due to sickness from a cold.
Back when actress Jang Suh Hee was one of the MC’s for SBS‘s ‘Live TV Entertainment‘, she was also accused of plastic surgery due to a bloated face. Suh Gyung Suk who was her fellow MC told the audience she was bloated from the after effects of falling sick from a common cold.  This excuse led to harsh comments from netizens for the actress.  Several years later, she truthfully admitted that her injection did not turn out too well, when she appeared on the variety show.

■It is from an intense diet! Not plastic surgeries.
A ‘Superstar K‘ contestant and new Jewerly S member, Park Sae Mi faced three different accusations regarding plastic surgeries. As a result she stated, “I would rather really get one” as if she was fed up with such accusations. She revealed that her different image was due to losing ten kilograms and make-up.
Singer Navi was also once under suspicion for ‘full-body operation’. She quickly revealed her meal plans and explained her different appearance was due to dieting. Navi told the public that she once jokingly told her company to give her a ‘full-body operation’ since everyone thinks she already had the procedure.

■Not true.
Singer Jung Yup‘s past photos were once revealed on an online community website, and netizens immediately became suspicious of plastic surgery operations. His company quickly denied the claims stating, “Jung Yup himself knows about the past photos, but he does not care. It’s not true.
Actor Lee Min Ho as well had to face such accusations due to a photo of himself taken with a plastic surgeon back in 2007. However his company stated, “We are speechless. The photo was only taken because they were both acquainted with each other. That is not true.”

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