Digital Media Devices for Home Theatre

on Sunday, October 16, 2011 with 0 comments
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Streaming can solve a lot of problem and reduces the cost of having to pay for cable services. In fact, a lot of household should consider ditching cable services for digital media devices. These can be relatively cheap and in fact, some can be considered free as well. Here are some devices that you can definitely check out.

The Roku 2 XS Streaming Player 1080p is the best device Roku has developed. It offers a built in Wi-Fi as well as more than 300 free channels to choose from comprising of movies, sports and many more. It costs only $99 and is definitely affordable. It can also be used to play games as well.

 Previously, this device was anything but successful but after a few tweaks and upgrades by Apple, it became Amazon’s bestselling device in the Digital Media Devices category. Netflix subscribers can get instant access to the service through Apple TV and you can also rent any movies that are available at its extensive catalog.
If you’re not interested in any of these, you can also consider getting a home theatre PC. They are a lot powerful as compared with these devices and you can also use them to do things such as video conference, etc.

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