Hyomin speaks out about T-ara’s attitude controversy

on Sunday, October 16, 2011 with 0 comments
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T-ara was recently put on the chopping block for their disrespectful attitude at while performing at an event. A controversy swirled online and Hyomin decided to clarify once and for all what had really happened that day.
To recap, on October 14th, a netizen on an online community board had written, “Really disappointed in T-ara. They came to perform at a festival in Woori, and all they did was laugh and chat on their own while lip-syncing. Their mouths didn’t match up to the words at all… They really didn’t have any care for the performance.”
The netizen continued, “In the second picture, Jiyeon is staring at the floor and Qri is looking as if she doesn’t care while the MC is talking…”
T-ara’s Jiyeon was criticized earlier during the KBS ‘7080 Concert‘ for similar reasons.
Hyomin took to her Twitter to clarify, “For our ‘Why Are You Like This‘ performance, there are gestures we’ll make where it looks like we’re talking to each other. That is a part of the choreography. For ‘Roly Poly‘, we tried to make the stage look as fun as possible by laughing and playing jokes on each other. It’s a part of the performance. I think those things have caused such a misunderstanding.”
She continued, “ Although we are not perfect when we stand on stage, we are always grateful for the people who come to watch us. We know that we still lack a lot of things, so we promise to work hard. Please don’t misunderstand us.”
Source + Photos: Everyday EconomyJoy News 24 via Naver

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