KARA’s Nicole shocked after L’Arc-en-Ciel’s hyde accidentally confessed his love to her

on Sunday, October 16, 2011 with 0 comments
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On October 14th, KARA performed on Asahi TV‘s ‘Music Station‘ with their latest single, “Winter Magic“.
Rock star hyde of L’Arc-en-Ciel sat down with the girls for a brief talk session, and shared an experience where he accidently confesse his love to Nicole.
hyde stated, “I met with quite the predicament when I was on the show last time with KARA. Nicole was in front of me and I accidentally bumped into her. In Korean, I was going to say, ‘I’m sorry,’ but I instead said, ‘I love you.’ I actually didn’t know until a while later about what I said. I was really embarrassed!”
Nicole responded, “I was surprised as well to hear ‘I love you’ after I said I was sorry for bumping into him. I was wondering what was going on but just brushed it off, thinking I heard wrong and that he didn’t mean to say it towards me. I was surprised as well!”
Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver 

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