SECRET shares their thoughts on making comeback debut the same week as SNSD

on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 with 0 comments
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The four ladies of SECRET are back with their first full-length album, Moving in Secret. Different from the cute, girl-next door image fans are used to, SECRET has undergone a complete transformation. For their new album, they’re rocking mostly all-black ensembles and heavier eye-makeup for a more adult, sultry-look.
With this said, SECRET will also be going head-to-head against the ladies of SNSD who are making their comeback the same week as SECRET. Most idol stars have postponed their late-October comebacks and opted to begin their new promotions in early November to avoid the SNSD onslaught, but not SECRET. Newsen recently asked them about their bold decision, and the girls answered rather confidently.
They humbly stated, “We are a little concerned, knowing what SNSD is capable of. However for the two years that we’ve been in the industry, we’ve never looked at it as competition or wanted to win against anyone. We simply want to confidently show our fans our new look, as well everything we’ve worked so hard to put together. That in and of itself is enough for us.
Although they were humble, they seemed confident and raised expectations for their full-length album. “They may have 9 girls to put on a phenomenal dance performance, but I think the four of us have fresh new appeals and we plan on emphasizing all of them.”
Zinger joked,  “They may be the juggernauts of K-pop, but we too have our petite appeals!
But SECRET has already started off strong. The girls are receiving attention for their mature & seductive transformation for this new album after showcasing their innocent, bubbly charm with “Starlight Moonlight“.
The girls want to express themselves as iconic & chic, confident women of the new era. SECRET makes their comeback debut performance with Love is Move on the October 20th edition of Mnet’s M! Countdown .
Source & Image : Newsen

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