Teen raped by stepdad and then mum kicks her out

on Wednesday, October 19, 2011 with 0 comments
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A TEENAGER who was raped by her stepfather when she was 13 has been left high and dry by her own mother she kicked the girl out of their home two weeks ago.
With nowhere to go, Ita went to a public complaints centre in Johor Baru to pour out her sorrows and to seek help.
The girl, now 15, said she was first raped by her stepfather two years ago.
“I told my mother about the incident but she believed him instead and I continued to be his victim,” she told Sinar Harian when met at the centre on Monday.
Ita pleaded with her mother to keep watch over her, leading to an occasion when her mum caught the man assaulting her.
She said she was initially relieved that her mother decided to lodge a police report against her stepfather.
“However, my hope of seeing my father go to prison for his actions was dashed when my mum withdrew the report,” Ita said, adding that her mother gave the excuse that she did not want to see her (Ita's) two step-siblings growing up without a father.
“I love my mother. She is, after all, the only mother I have,” sobbed Ita, saying she was devastated when she was thrown out of the house.

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