Dryer Vent Alarm

on Sunday, October 16, 2011 with 0 comments
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Lint – the bane of everyone who does laundry. If enough lint builds up in the dryer vent, and nothing is being done about it, then we’re talking about a serious fire hazard here. Good thing there are gizmos out there like the $59.95 Dryer Vent Alarm that will help the more absent minded among us ensure the dryer vent is always free of lint. In fact, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, up to 15,000 clothes dryer catch fire each year simply because no one bothered to clear up the amount of lint there.
This device will be able to detect increased air pressure that are symptomatic of a clogged vent. This particular sensor probe can be easily installed by hand into the dryer transition hose, where it will get to work right away by monitoring the dryer’s efficiency, calculating just the right amount of blockage as well as its change (obviously an increasing figure) over time. Should a potentially hazardrous situation be detected, the 90dB alarm will sound continuously until you press the reset button – and to do that, you’d have to personally come down to the dryer, so cast away that procrastination attitude and clear out your dryer vent in the process.

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