Griffin Technology launches the Woogie 2

on Sunday, October 16, 2011 with 0 comments
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A while ago, we announced that Griffin Technology was creating the Woogie. For those who don’t know what the Woogie is, it is a way of storing an iPhone or iPod Touch in a furry covering so a toddler or other little child can play with it.
Well, like everything in today’s society, anything that is even fairly decent gets a sequel. Therefore, Griffin Technology would like to present, the Woogie 2.
So far, the only difference that I see between the Woogie 2 and the original is that the new version has one less leg. As you can see, the Woogie 2 can sit up like a little baby, while the original just flops with all six legs like an octopus.
Like the original, the Woogie 2 offers a window to the touchscreen, so little junior’s sticky fingers don’t leave any prints. The Woogie 2 has an opening for a pair of headphones, and the iDevice is velcroed safe inside.
The Woogie 2 is made of non-toxic materials, and it comes in colors of blue and green as well as shades of pink. It is good for ages three and up, or for any adult that needs something to cuddle. You can get it at the Griffin Technology site for about $19.99.

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