SECRET asks their CEO for cell phones next year

on Monday, October 24, 2011 with 0 comments
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There’ve been a few articles in the past about how SECRET didn’t have cell phones. While guesting on MBC’s ‘Quiz to Change the World‘ recently, the girls revealed that they still lacked cell phones.
On October 22nd, SECRET confessed, “Many people don’t believe us, but we haven’t had cell phones for two years and we are the only ones allowed in our dorm.”
The members took to the opportunity to send a direct message towards their agency CEO. Song Ji Eun said, “We are not quadruplets. Last time, he said he would buy us bags so he picked them out, but he picked the same bag in the same color for all four of us. I remember just giving up at that point.”
Han Sunhwa also stated, “I agree. Our CEO thinks that a girl’s dorm has to be pretty. However, he’s particularly obsessed with the toilet paper holder. He is very adamant about making sure a girl’s bathroom’s toilet paper holder is pretty. I wish he would care about other things as well.”
After hearing SECRET’s complaints, comedian Song Eunee recalled, “Sunhwa is frustrated because she doesn’t have a cell phone. When I saw her today, she greeted me extra happily saying, ‘Unni, I borrowed my friend’s phone around your birthday and sent you a text.’ That was back in January.”
Comedian Kim Shin Young also added, “Once in a while, Han Sunhwa calls me with somebody else’s phone. Then she asks, ‘Unni, why don’t you answer your phone?’ So I answered, ‘How can I pick up a number I don’t know?’ to which she replied, ‘That’s me’.”
With one voice, Ji Eun and Sunhwa stated, “Next year, we would like to have cell phones.”
Source: My Daily via Naver

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