Christmas a special time for cancer survivor to count his blessings

on Saturday, December 24, 2011 with 0 comments
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GEORGE TOWN: Cancer survivor Gerard Khaw has beaten the odds not just once, but twice.
Khaw attributes his success to what he terms the “3D effect” desperation, determination and discipline.
First diagnosed with stage three nose cancer in 2006, he suffered a relapse two years later with stage four liver cancer.
He fought the disease and triumphed, overcoming severe physical, mental and emotional anguish along the way.
“I was desperate to survive, and cried out to God for help and strength.
“I didn't want my two girls to grow up without a father,” recalled Khaw, 38.
He even obtained an MBA during his second cancer fight.
The business analyst believes he is still here today by the grace of God, “for Man can only do so much”.
As such, Christmas has taken on extra significance.
Besides being a time to reflect and count one's blessings, it is also a time to cherish loved ones wife Glory, in her 30s, daughters Isabelle, 10, and Jeanelle, nine, as well as mother Clare, in her 70s.
This year is also memorable as Khaw has launched a book, Road to Beautiful: A Journey of Hope, which chronicles the ups and downs of his battle.
“I wanted to share how I overcame cancer to provide hope to others,” he said of the book.
Khaw, who lost some 20kg, reveals the physical aspect of his first cancer fight was the most challenging.
Only during the second diagnosis did he really sit down and take stock of his priorities.
“When we're young, we use health to chase wealth.
“But when we're ill, suddenly we have to use wealth to regain health,” he said of one of the lessons he learnt.

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